About Susanna’s Mission House

Welcome to Susanna’s House

Susanna’s house is a rowhome adjacent to the church property that was purchased in 2022 and currently serves as our mission center for incoming missionaries coming to serve in Baltimore.  The home is equipped with 3 Bedrooms each having a full bathroom, that can accommodate up to groups of 30 missionaries coming to serve.  Downstairs there is a full kitchen and plenty of sofas to hang out on after a hard day of service.  In between Susanna’s house and the church is our newly renovated courtyard which has a beautiful garden seating area with a firepit, outdoor movie screen, and basketball hoop.

History of Susanna’s House

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We are a family of Orthodox Christians living the Good News of Jesus Christ which transforms people who transform the world.

Our Vision

We hope that the various services we offer to the community will transform the lives of our neighbors who would then transform the community of Sharp Leadenhall and the Federal Hill area of Baltimore.

With and through the helping hand of our missionary groups we aim to bring Christ to them and ultimately them to Christ. The manpower of mission groups enables us to provide larger-scale services for the community so that they can hear the message of the Gospel, receive assistance, and provide times of fellowship for them and our church members. The Mission Groups we have had over the years have helped us build the relationships with our neighbors and build great partnerships with some amazing organizations.

The History of Susanna’s House

The seed was planted at the inception of the church back in 2015 as our desire was to make serving the city part of the fabric of our church community.  Little did we know God was orchestrating things for us like we never imagined. 

In 2019 we purchased the church and shortly after renovating and moving in we were shut out due to COVID.  As we slowly began to emerge from quarantining we formed partnerships with members from the neighborhood to begin a meal service with the limited resources available to help families in the neighborhood still suffering the effects of COVID.  Since then it has grown to become a monthly service where we serve 50 families meals and for Thanksgiving & Christmas when we deliver 100 meals to local families for the holidays

This led to the idea that maybe we could invite other churches to come and serve with us in Baltimore.  In the summer of 2022, we hosted two summer mission trips, which were a huge blessing to us and the community.  The last mission group of the summer suggested that we purchase the townhome next door to the church which happened to still be on the market for over 6 months (unheard of during the hot housing market at the time) and turn it into a mission house for future mission groups.  Well, the idea stuck and by God’s grace, we were able to fundraise and pay off in full Susanna’s House.  

This house has opened doors to us that we never knew were possible. Truly God’s hand was in this 100%. We can host mission groups and have them serve our neighbors better aligned with our mission. 

Our Current Partnerships