Serving at Susanna’s Mission House

Susanna's Mission House

Come and Serve With Us

SBSS is nestled in the historic Sharp Leadenhall neighborhood of the rapidly developing area of South Baltimore.  Our neighborhood has a rich and beautiful history that has been refined by the challenges of time.  Since purchasing the church and joining the neighborhood we have built a strong relationship between the church and neighbors through the many services we have offered over the years which have ranged from our monthly meal service, block parties, school/home supply drives, Christmas parties, and more.

With every incoming mission trip, we aim to teach them about the relationship between the church and the neighborhood as well as the real challenges that the neighborhood faces with ongoing gentrification.  


Each of our mission groups will take part in a variety of service projects around the neighborhood from serving meals, neighborhood beautification, or (depending on the season) one of our community impact projects.  We also engage with many of our community partners who are also doing great work for the city of Baltimore, giving our missionaries a chance to see the various ways people have used their gifts to serve others.  


Are you ready to be part of something bigger?

Are you looking for a mission trip for your church?  Looking to help those in need?  Looking to share the message of the Gospel through actions of love?  Then consider coming to serve with us in Baltimore.  We offer both day service trips as well as mission trips for those who are looking for something longer. 

Supporting our Mission Trip Program

We know that going on a mission trip can pose financial challenges for families yet the experience of going on a mission trip can be extremely valuable and life changing. We aim to make our mission trips as affordable as possible for anyone who would like to come and serve with us in Baltimore. To help us keep our cost low we are actively applying for grants to offset many of the costs we incur as a church with mission trips, but as you know this money is never guaranteed. If you, or someone you love has been positively impacted through a mission trip you know how valuable the experience can be. We are asking everyone to partner with us in prayer and if God has put it on your heart please consider making a financial donation that will go towards sustaining our mission trip program.

Areas that we need your prayers

  • That God would find the right person to become a mission trip coordinator at SBSS. (paid position)
  • To find ways for our neighbors to become engaged in the mission program.
  • Help finding more volunteers to make meals for our mission groups.
  • That God would help us be a light in our neighborhood.