Education & Training

Fr. David Milad was born in Chicago Illinois in 1980 to Milad and Nagwa. He is one of three siblings, holding firmly the very coveted middle child position in the family. He has an older brother named Tamer and a younger sister named Sally. While living most of his childhood in the suburbs of Chicago Fr. David was also blessed with the opportunity to live in a handful of different places while growing up. During his childhood he grew up at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox church of Burr Ridge, IL. After graduating high school in 1998 he attended Hope College in Holland Michigan. In 2002 he graduating with a Bachelors of Arts he moved to Arizona to attend medical school from 2002-2006. After medical school started his internal medicine residency in Washington DC and completed it in 2009.

Fr. David and his wife Sarah were married in July of 2004. They have three great children, Elijah, Ava and Seth. As a family they love music, laughing, hiking, traveling, biking and of course football!

In 2010, Fr. David was ordained and for the first 3 years of his priesthood served at St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Savage Maryland. Through an indispensable series of life altering events God led Fr. David to serve as a general priest in October 2013. The next two years were both the darkest yet most transformational and life giving years of his life.

In September of 2015 Fr. David started serving at St. Barnabas & St. Susanna Coptic Orthodox Church of Baltimore Maryland. St. Barnabas & St. Susanna is a community grounded in the apostolic faith, focused on personal transformation in hopes that the message of the gospel would be shared through our lives and not just our words.